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One-Ticket/Any Train! Amtrak accepts all CTrail Hartford Line tickets onboard all Amtrak’s Regional* and Shuttle trains between New Haven, CT and Springfield, MA except for the Vermonter (trains 54,55, 56, 57). Passengers who present a CTrail ticket for travel on the Vermonter will be charged at the applicable Amtrak ticket rates.

Valid Amtrak Tickets for travel between New Haven and Springfield will also be accepted on CTrail Hartford Line trains.

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* Advanced Amtrak reservations and tickets are required for Amtrak Northeast Regional trains during holiday blackout periods through Amtrak.com, the Amtrak app, or an Amtrak ticket agent. CTrail tickets will not be accepted on these trains during holiday blackout periods.


Hartford Line Train Tickets may be purchased in several convenient ways:

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