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All times, including Amtrak trains, are proposed and are subject to change.

All Amtrak trains are Amtrak Regional trains unless otherwise noted.



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  • Parking is free at the surface lots at Berlin, Wallingford and Meriden stations for rail passengers through September 3rd, 2018
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  1. What is The Hartford Line? On June 16, 2018, the Hartford Line will begin service between Springfield, MA and New Haven, CT, providing connections with existing New Haven Line (Metro-North) and Shore Line East commuter rail and Amtrak rail services to New York, New London, and Boston.
  2. When does the Hartford Line service start? Service starts on June 16, 2018.
  3. Where are Hartford Line train stations located? When service starts on June 16, 2018, Hartford Line trains will stop in New Haven at Union and State Street stations, Wallingford, Meriden, Berlin, Hartford, Windsor, Windsor Locks, and Springfield.
  4. When do Hartford Line trains run? Hartford Line trains operate seven days a week, including holidays. Please refer to the trip planner or full schedule above for departure times.
  5. Where can I park? Parking varies by station. Most stations have paid parking in either daily or monthly passes. Please check your station for parking details.
  6. How do I purchase a ticket? When the Hartford Line service launches on June 16, 2018, tickets may be purchased at ticket vending machines available at most Hartford Line stations. One-way tickets may also be purchased onboard all Hartford Line trains for a small additional charge.
  7. Is my Hartford Line ticket valid on regular Amtrak trains? The CTDOT is currently working to offer ticket sharing with Amtrak, Metro-North and Shore Line East so fares would be available for all trains operating within the corridor. Please check back for updates.
  8. Is the U-Pass CT accepted aboard Hartford Line trains? Yes, the U-Pass CT is accepted aboard all CTrail Hartford Line trains with an accompanying student ID from participating schools. However, it is not accepted aboard ANY Amtrak train. For more details on the U-Pass, visit:
  9. Where can I find New Haven information on connecting buses/shuttles? All Connecticut stations on the Hartford Line are served by CTtransit. Visit for information. Springfield is served by PVTA and information is available at
  10. How can I travel beyond New Haven? Hartford Line trains connect with Shore Line East and New Haven Line (Metro-North) at New Haven’s Union Station for travel to and from New York (New Haven Line) and Boston Old Saybrook/New London (Shore Line East).
  11. How will I know if my train has been delayed? Every effort is made to alert passengers of service interruptions and/or cancellations via announcements made at each applicable train station on the public information displays. Longer term or more wide-scale disruptions will be announced to local news media, shown on the website and through our social media profiles.
  12. When traveling to New Haven, should I exit the train at State Street Station or Union Station? This depends on where you're going. Hartford Line trains stop at both stations. The State Street Station, located just two blocks from the New Haven Green, is the best choice for most downtown destinations. Union Station, the southern terminus of the Hartford Line, is the transfer point for all connecting Metro-North (New Haven Line), Amtrak, and Shore Line East trains and for CTtransit buses.
  13. Do I need to enter Union Station to purchase a Metro-North ticket for my connecting New Haven Line train? No, passengers can purchase their Hartford Line and New Haven Line connecting tickets together at ticket vending machines located at Springfield, Hartford, Berlin, Meriden, and Wallingford. Passengers transferring to CTrail New Haven Line (operated by Metro-North) may also purchase their ticket on board the connecting Metro-North train with cash or credit cards. To avoid the surcharge, passengers must show the Metro-North conductor their Hartford Line ticket stub/receipt before purchase.
  14. Where can I purchase my Hartford Line Monthly ticket? Monthly Ticket Vending Machines are located at most stations, except Windsor and Windsor Locks, where the tickets are purchased at the destination.
  15. Do children ride free? Up to four children between ages of 5 and 11 may travel for $1 with a fare paying adult. Additional children will be charged the adult fare. If you're continuing your trip on a CTrail New Haven Line (Metro-North) train, for up to four children ages 5-11 traveling with a fare paying adult, the fare is $1. Any additional children ages 5-11 will be charged half the adult fare.
    All children under 5 years of age travel free.
  16. Are senior discounts available? Hartford Line Senior (65+)/Disabled One-Way tickets are 50% off standard fare.
  17. Are military discounts available? Hartford Line does not offer a military discount.
  18. Can Hartford Line tickets be refunded? Unused single-trip tickets are refundable before their expiration date by mail only. The unused portion of a Ten-Trip Tickets is refundable by mail only. Monthly tickets are refundable by mail only. The redemption value of unused or partially used Hartford Line monthly tickets is determined based on the calendar day of the month that the ticket is postmarked for refund. Additional refund details will be provided prior to June 16, 2018.
  19. Can lost Hartford Line tickets be replaced? Lost, damaged, or stolen tickets can neither be refunded nor replaced.
  20. During AM peak travel, if a Hartford Line train is late arriving at New Haven Union Station, will the connecting New Haven Line train wait? New Haven Line trains are able to wait up to five minutes to accommodate Hartford Line connecting passengers at New Haven's Union Station.
  21. What if an item is lost on board a Hartford Line train? The Hartford Line will have Lost & Found contact information when service starts.
  22. Are there restrooms on the trains? Yes, lavatory facilities are available on designated Hartford Line cars as well as at Hartford Station, New Haven's Union Station and Springfield Station.
  23. Are pets allowed on trains? Trained service animals assisting persons with disabilities are permitted without restriction. Pets are allowed if they are leashed or confined in a closed, ventilated container. Pets must not create a disturbance for other passengers and must not occupy seats.
  24. Is luggage storage available? Only items that can be safely carried and stored by passengers are permitted onboard the trains. Items that may cause safety hazards or inconvenience to other passengers are not permitted. There is no checked baggage on Hartford Line trains.
  25. Can I bring a bicycle onto the train? The existing train equipment planned for use on the CTrail Hartford Line does not include accommodations for bicycles. However, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is investigating the feasibility of making such accommodations. Please note that there will be bicycle racks at CTrail Hartford Line stations. The new stations in Berlin, Meriden and Wallingford will each have four hoop bike racks and the State Street Station in New Haven will have 14 hoop bike racks.
  26. Does the Hartford Line offer a ten-ride ticket like the bus fares? Yes, you can purchase a ten-ride ticket at ticket vending machines, and the customer service center in New Haven’s Union Station. This ticket is non-transferable.
  27. Will the schedule change or will trains run more frequently at peak weekday times? The train schedule for the Hartford Line is currently available above and in the Trip Planner. There may be minor adjustments to the schedule to improve efficiency and connectivity to other services. Additional train frequency is not anticipated at this time. However, customers will be notified in advance should the schedule change or be augmented with additional departures.
  28. Will I be able to buy a universal pass or travel card that allows travel on the Hartford Line, New Haven Line (Metro-North), Shore Line East and CTtransit buses? Currently a universal travel card is being explored by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, but is not currently available. However, one-way, weekly, 10-ride, monthly, senior/disabled and school are available at each station with ticket vending machines.
  29. Will Hartford Line and Amtrak tickets between Springfield, MA and New Haven cost the same? Hartford Line fares are available at the link above the Trip Planner and may vary from the Amtrak fares.
  30. Will I be able to get to Bradley International Airport from the Hartford Line? Convenient and frequent service to the Airport from the Hartford Line will be available using the Airport Express. The Airport Express will serve Bradley International Airport (Windsor Locks), Hartford Union Station, and the Hartford Convention Center. Currently CTtransit Route 30 provides service to Bradley International Airport from Hartford Union Station. More information here.
  31. Will train delays and real-time information be available online? The Hartford Line schedule is available in Trip Planner above and will appear on the Passenger Information Display Screens at each station. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is working with its partners to eventually provide real-time departure data both online and at station locations.
  32. Can I purchase a Hartford Line ticket at a Metro-North ticket vending machine? Yes, you can purchase a Hartford Line connecting ticket with Metro-North when you purchase your New Haven Line ticket at a Metro-North ticket vending machine (TVM).
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